Monday, June 3, 2013

Love is in the world

     In every story, you hear about how a man falls in love with a women at first sight. This is a similar story, Pasquale falls in love with this new actress that comes to stay in his hotel.

     Pasquale knows nothing about this new girl but he stills falls in love with her just by seeing how beautiful she is. This girl is a stranger that does not even speak the same language as him but he sees her like a god, like she is the most beautiful girl in the world.

The Last Pitch

          Hollywood, California

     Before everything wakes up,there are sprinklers everywhere. Sprinklers in the northwest corner of Great Los Angeles, airport to the hills, downtown to the beaches.

     In Santa Monica, Claire wakes up to water spritzing the rock garden outside. On this early morning, five A.M. she wakes up looking for her blackberry and she finds fourteen e-mails, six tweets, five friend requests, three texts and in her calendar she finds the general stuff. Claire opens the most important e-mail that is from the Museum of American Screen Culture. 
     Claire wakes up immediately, maybe today is the day they offer her the job because she is already ready to quiet her dream job that was not bringing anything for her. Plus, they already interviewed her twice. She wanted to make movies- smart, moving films- and every good scripts that came through Deane Production, the boss Michael Deane would not accept any of them. This is what pushed her to look for another job.