Monday, June 3, 2013

Love is in the world

     In every story, you hear about how a man falls in love with a women at first sight. This is a similar story, Pasquale falls in love with this new actress that comes to stay in his hotel.

     Pasquale knows nothing about this new girl but he stills falls in love with her just by seeing how beautiful she is. This girl is a stranger that does not even speak the same language as him but he sees her like a god, like she is the most beautiful girl in the world.

The Last Pitch

          Hollywood, California

     Before everything wakes up,there are sprinklers everywhere. Sprinklers in the northwest corner of Great Los Angeles, airport to the hills, downtown to the beaches.

     In Santa Monica, Claire wakes up to water spritzing the rock garden outside. On this early morning, five A.M. she wakes up looking for her blackberry and she finds fourteen e-mails, six tweets, five friend requests, three texts and in her calendar she finds the general stuff. Claire opens the most important e-mail that is from the Museum of American Screen Culture. 
     Claire wakes up immediately, maybe today is the day they offer her the job because she is already ready to quiet her dream job that was not bringing anything for her. Plus, they already interviewed her twice. She wanted to make movies- smart, moving films- and every good scripts that came through Deane Production, the boss Michael Deane would not accept any of them. This is what pushed her to look for another job.


Friday, May 3, 2013

First Class Resort!

     Pasquale, the main character, is the son of the owner of the famous hotel in Porto Vergogna. After the death of his parents, Pasquale is doing every thing in his power to make the hotel better so that it can attract more visisters. He is build many attractive things that people will like. Since the hotel is on the cost of cinque terre, he put sand by the beach to make it look better and he even build some space for sports because the hotel has a lot of space. He built a place for people to play tennis, he would have built a golf cart but it would have taken to much space.

     Pasquale fell in love the first time he saw the lady come down from the boat when she looked at him. He might not have fell in love with her but with the moment. The lady was beautiful, she had a nice tan, big eyes, long hair, nose way to delicate for her chin but it was like she was photographed. The lady was an actress from America, she came to play in the movie cleopatra. Her name is Dee Moray and she is sick according to the characters...
     Join in next week to know what happens next!


Friday, April 26, 2013

Interview with Jess Walter

     This video is an interview of Karen Hanan with Jess Walter who is the author of the book. In the interview Jess Walter gives a summary about his book and what made him write it. I hope you really like the video. 

     This book reminds me so far of the movie Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. It reminds me of it because of in a part of the movie, one of the girls went to a little island and it remind me of my book. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Beautiful Ruins

     Beautiful Ruins is a novel that takes place in 1962 in  a small island called, Porto Vergogna in Italy. This novel was written by Jess Walter. This story is about a young mysterious actress that comes to the island and an innkeeper of the island finds her very beautiful, breathtaking. Pasquale, the main character, is a young Italian who studied in Florence and returned to take care of his mom after his father's dead. Pasquale also came back to take car of his parents hotel. He has many dreams for the little island and i wonder if he is going to realize them.

     I decided to read this book because it reminded me of a movie. The setting of this novel was what brought my attention. The only way that the visitors could come was by boat and it is exactly the same as the movie. I believe that the novel will be interesting because of how the author is explaining the little village and the habitants of the island.